Social marketing and eating behaviors

Ce n’est pas un scoop, il ya un vrai enjeu aujourd’hui à faire évolue les comportements alimentaires vers une alimentation more saine et more durable. Many actors are involved in the subject: public health policies, agro-alimentary actors, collective restoration, academics, associations… But the question of strategies that really have a positive impact on behavior. Aujourd’hui, nous allons nous intéresser au social marketinggrâce à Lighting by Patricia Gurviezteacher-researcher in marketing and consumer behavior (AgroParisTech).

How would you define social marketing in a few words?

Social marketing is a concept that has been around for about 50 years: it uses the techniques of marketing and behavioral economics to changer les comportements et favorer le bien-être collective. The principle is based on the fact that 80% of the decisions we make are not based on rational elements, but intuitively, through us cognitive biases. Pour faire évoluer de manière favorable les comportements, il faut donc short-circuit the rational, pour favorer les “good” choices. En faisant attention à ne pas tomber dans une approche “libertarianiste paternaliste”, où les “sachants” déciderainet pour la population.

What key success factors do you identify in the effective implementation of a social marketing approach?

  • Realize au préalé moment enquête de terrain profundo, in order to know both the context and the target. It’s an indispensable step for an effective approach.
  • Cibler les populations : the approaches for the entire population do not work, it is necessary to identify the good insights in order to really respond to the needs and challenges of the population. Knowing that the populations where there is the most need to evolve food habits are the most vulnerable.
  • Work with target populations : the solutions must come from their reality, so it is essential to co-construct with them the approaches put in place. This will help their appropriation of the solutions mises œuvre, and allow them to feel actors: it’s valuable to be solicited!

Quelles efficacious and inspiring initiatives of social marketing souhaiteriez-vous partager?

  • The program Vivons en Forme to improve health and reduce childhood obesity, which is based on a terrain approach and an initial diagnosis in each of the cities where it is placed. In addition, the ensemble of actors (familles, schools, town hall…) is involved in the mise en place des actions!
  • The program OptiCourses to positively impact the food purchases of disadvantaged populations, which has the advantage of being truly targeted on the populations that need it the most.
  • The digital tools peuvent aussi avoir leur efficacy car ils jouent sur des biases cognitifs. A study carried out allowed us to show that the use of Yuka, with all the limitations that the tool presents, was positively received because it favors the autonomy of the people who use it, it is simple and fun, and the children they can also use it.

What are the subjects for you in terms of nutrition for the years to come?

  • La reduction of fatty, salty, sugary products restera une tendance de fond.
  • Il ya un besoin de réinvestir dans la sécurité alimentairequi peut parfois avoir été un peu délaissée.
  • The plant will continue to grow dans un contexte de prise de conscience écologique; attention however to ne pas tomber dans des produits trop transformes, et à bien garder tête that taste is an essential driver!

Sur ces thématiques il ya un enjeu transversal à sensibiliser et encourager les bons comportements dans ces nouveaux contextes, sans tomber dans les injonctions!

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