Soltour Travel Partners initiates a new costa business line

After its creation in May 2021, Soltour Travel Partners begins a new line of business specialized in las Spanish and Portuguese coastsque contará con partners de gran relevancia y experiencia en el mercado, como Guest Incomingthe first partner of this new road map that the company presented today.

Soltour Travel Partners was created with the objective of supporting independent travel agencies and partners through a project that combines product and technology. And with the aim of adapting more to the needs of retailers, now he is taking a step further and launching this new line of business, which supposes his entry into a segmento especialidad y de gran tradição en España.

Tomeu Bennasar, CEO of Soltour Travel Partners, highlighted the importance of listening to the agencies to understand their needs and offer them thus “a product of the highest quality and guarantee, which offers them security and confidence”.

Según explican desde la compañía, con la alliance con Guest Incoming se proponarar el segmento de sol y playa desde la Costa Brava al Algarve, offering integral solutions.

This is new partner es una agency de viajes receptiva for the Mediterranean, with a direct contract of approximately 2,000 hotels, with ample services and new technologies. Founded in 2008, assists more than 400,000 clients per year, together with its hotel chain, Checkin Hotelsgenerates a turnover of 87 million euros.

José María Hoyos and Tomeu Bennasar, director and CEO, respectively, of Soltour Travel Partners, and Omar Spezie, CEO of Guest Incoming, during the presentation of the new division, which took place this Thursday in Madrid.

This alliance is the start of a new business area for Soltour Travel Partners, which will coexist with the rest of the company’s alliances. It is a complementary business that understands the need of hoteliers and works for the sustainability of the tourist market

As explained by the director of the company, José María Hoyos, this project pursues very clear objectives: seek synergies with independent tour operators, which will allow them to be more competitive, and “reach the travel agencies with a unique offer, 360 grados, que covera practically todas sus necessidades”.

Offers that “will be presented under a unique interlocutor”, said Tomeu Bennasar, which will help speed up the work of the agencies.

An open space

Soltour Travel Partners was born as one joint venture between Logitravel -now merged with Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés- and Grupo Piñero -to which Soltour belongs- and after its exit from this agreement, it opens a new division of business, which does not end with the incorporation of Guest Incoming.

It’s about a espacio abierto a la integration de nuevos allyados. “Es una página en blank, el que quiera estar, va a estar”, José María Hoyos affirmed.

Por tanto, la compañía seguirá trabajando por potenciar nuevas alianzas que permitan expand the portfolio of the agencies, ofreciéndoles nuevas soluciones. In fact, it is open not only to travel agencies and tour operators, the objective is that insurance and technology companies, among others, also join, according to detailed Hoyos. Además, la compañía clara que el proyecto preserverá la independencia de cada partner.

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