Sonora Christmas Parade To Impact Travel Friday Night

Sonora, CA – The 39th Annual Christmas Parade in Downtown Sonora begins Friday night, impacting traffic.

There are a total of 82 entries in this year’s parade, which begins at 6 pm and is expected to last until 8 pm Sonora Police encourage spectators to arrive before 5 pm to avoid travel and parking issues. They added that once the street closures occur, vehicles will not be allowed into the parade route area, even if those inside the vehicles are participants.

SPD provides these lists and times for parade street closures and no parking zones:

Starting at 3:30 pm and through the parade:

  • East Lytton at Washington St
  • East William at Washington St
  • Gold at Washington St
  • Linoberg between Washington St and Green St
  • West Jackson at Green St
  • East Jackson between Washington St and Stewart St
  • Yaney St at Washington St
  • Snell Street between Bonanza St and School St.

Closing at 4 pm and will remain so for the parade duration:

• School St between Washington St (SR 49) and Snell St

Closed at 5:30 pm for the parade duration.

  • South Washington St at SR 108
  • North and South Washington St
  • Stockton Rd
  • Restano Way

Temporary No Parking areas are in the following locations from 4 pm to the conclusion of the event:

  • Washington St from Elkin St to Toby St
  • Stockton Rd between Washington St and 70 Stockton Rd

Temporary No Parking zones will also be marked off between Green and Stewart streets beginning at 3:30 pm:

  • Elkin St
  • Dodge St
  • Jackson St
  • Yaney St
  • Bradford St
  • Theall St
  • Linoberg St
  • Church St
  • June St
  • Golden St
  • Williams St
  • Lytton St

To allow spectators to leave the area, the SPD advises that the parade route will remain closed for about 20 minutes. As a result, motorists can expect heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic after the parade. Additionally, travelers wanting to bypass the parade should use Shaws Flat to Jamestown Road to get to Highways 49 and 108. One other note: large trucks are not allowed to use downtown Stewart Street as a detour.


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