Steve Harvey Lost It and Threw His Cards Over a Shocking ‘Family Feud’ Answer That Caused Big Uproar

Steve Harvey is nothing if not consistent.

Ever-famous for his rather eccentric reactions as the host of Family Feudhe has heard Some strange answers from contestants over the years. But sometimes the prompts provided yield some out-of-left-field responses, causing Steve to lose it. He did just that during a recent episode of his hit game show.

When two contestants from the Van Horn and Tinker families took the stand, the Judge Steve Harvey star asked them to “name a specific part of a woman’s body that a man might say is his favorite.” Jake from the Van Horn family gave the no. 1 answer (“her chest”), giving his crew the chance to play and potentially sweep the big board. They got close to it with answers like “her face” and “her legs.”

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Unfortunately, this is when things got tricky and Van Horns couldn’t figure out what the last top answer was. That said, this is also when things got interesting …

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When the Tinker family got the opportunity to play, Tonie responded “her feet.” But to her dismay, it wasn’t one of the most popular answers. Not only did the Van Horn family take the win but to Steve’s chagrin, “neck” turned out to be the top fifth answer on the big board with three out of a hundred polled people choosing that.

After hearing the final answer, the Tinker family immediately disagreed by shaking their heads. “Oh no,” Tonie said throwing up her hands. As for Steve, he couldn’t agree more. “Nobody care about your neck,” he said before throwing his card to the floor.

It sounds like he’s not the only one who felt that way. Family Feud Fans watching from home on YouTube had lots to say about the answer and Steve’s reaction. “You know you are in trouble when Steve throws his cards away,” one person wrote in the comments section. “Love when he throws the card,” another added. “3 out of 100 Americans are vampires apparently,” said a different fan.

Hey, it might have been the most unexpected answer but it gave us another great moment to remember with Steve!

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