‘Still alive’: Family keeps corpse of man who died a year ago, claims he was in coma

In a strange incident, the body of a man who died a year ago was kept at his house by his family. Even after the incident came to light, the family of the deceased refused to cremate the body, insisting that he was still alive.

The case was reported from the Roshan Nagar area in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. The authorities received information that the deceased’s body was kept at the house for one and a half years. After receiving the information, the health department team along with the police reached the spot and the body was sent to a medical college for examination.

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According to the doctors, the body was mummified and was wrapped tightly in clothes.


According to the information, Roshan Nagar resident Vimlesh was working in the Income Tax department and was admitted to a hospital in April 2021. He later died after treatment and a death certificate was issued to the family members.

Afterwards, as the family was preparing for the funeral, they announced that the deceased had regained consciousness.

The deceased was allegedly laid on a bed inside the house and his relatives were told that he was in a coma.

The whole matter was exposed when a letter was sent to the chief minister’s office seeking investigation into the case.

Afterwards, the health department team reached home along with the Azamgarh Police reached the deceased man’s house. His family, however, still insisted that he was alive.

Vimlesh’s father said, “In April 2021, he was ill so we took him to the hospital where he was declared dead. But when we brought him home, we noticed he had a pulse and his heart beat was also there so we did not burn him.”

He insisted that his son was still alive.

It was only after the authorities sent the body for medical examination that the family finally agreed to cremate the deceased.

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