Surface Book 3 receives a new firmware update

The Redmond giant continues to improve its Surface series of products with the release of new firmware updates, and this time it’s Surface Book 3’s turna two-in-one convertible that was launched in 2020, and that maintains the classic design and build quality of the Surface family.

The new firmware update for Surface Book 3 that Microsoft has launched is identified as “August 2022”, so it has no loss, it is very easy to recognize. Between the most important news that introduces this update when we proceed to its installation stand out:

  • Improvements in system stability and reliability when using the Surface Pen 2.
  • Improvements also in the stability and reliability of the Surface Book 3 when we use the Surface Dock 2.

Microsoft has started releasing this update gradually, so if it still doesn’t appear as available, don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time until you can download it directly without having to “force it”.

It is important to remember that this update will only appear as available through Windows Update if you have a Surface Book 3 updated to Windows 10 2004, or a higher version. If you have an older version of the operating system installed, you will not be able to install this firmware update. First you will have to update the operating system, and once you have done that step you will be able to download and install it.

Windows 10 2004 is a version that is already quite mature, so don’t worry, you won’t have any kind of problem making the leap to this version of Microsoft’s well-known operating system. In theory, this new firmware does not have any errors or problems, that is to say, it works perfectly, but since it is firmware we will not have the option to go back, so before proceeding with its installation it is always recommended to have it done a backup

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