that’s the brand’s new ‘philosophy’

It’s just an idea, but it contains the future of Volkswagen. The German brand revealed a prototype virtual denominated Gen. Travel which represents the vision you have for the future of urban mobility, with an electric vehicle, modular cabin and total autonomous driving.

Al being a virtual prototype, Volkswagen did not reveal figures of the motor train that would equip this urban ‘capsule’ and the only thing it said in terms of driving is that the Gen. Travel it would have level 5 of autonomous driving, which means that no person is required for its driving and consequently the steering wheel and the pedals in the cabin have been eliminated.

También el Volkswagen Gen.Travel it incorporates a special active suspension called eABC (electric Active Body Control), which will provide maximum comfort and come with artificial intelligence so that several of these vehicles can ride in a ‘caravan’, to increase the autonomy of the electric car.

Tres modos de uso

This capsule, which is the best concept to denominate it Volkswagen Gen.Travel, it has a modular cabin, which should be understood more as a ‘means of transport’ than as a vehicle because it offers a space with four individual chairs that can be turned 360 degrees with a table in the middle and with interior lighting for an environment of trabajo.

The brand also assures that it Volkswagen Gen.Travel podra ser un vehicule utilizado para viajes larga distancia para lo que conta con una nocturna configuration that converts the front seats into beds with an innovative retention system. Even so, the lighting adjusts accordingly, which influences the production of melatonin to help passengers sleep and wake up naturally.

Finally, tiene un modo para viajesfamiliaresel Volkswagen Gen.Travel come with juegos de realitya augmented para los niños.

Diseño controversial

Volkswagen assures that this is how the autonomous vehicles of the future will be, which we are already worried about, because the capsule to be a transport capsule lights well. But if we talk about an automotive design, we are sure that there will be opinions that are divided between the practicality and the ‘beauty’ of the module Volkswagen Gen.Travel.

The most attractive of the electric and autonomous car of the future Volkswagen Gen.Travel es la apertura de las puertas tipo ‘gull wings’ el formato de las luces en ledes y los rines. On the other hand, it looks like two vehicles in one, with a lower part in ‘lamina’ type patineta and a glazed upper part with strange shapes at its ends. El conjunto en general luce cuando menos extraño.


  • El Gen. Travel It will also be presented as a ‘maqueta’ in scale 1 to 1 on September 24 at Chantilly Arts & Elegance, in France.
  • Volkswagen Group It will discontinue 60% of its models driven by ICE in Europe by 2030.



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