The Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow Is 15% Off for Memorial Day

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It’s common knowledge that traditional airplane seats are just plain uncomfortable. And while it may seem like there’s little one can do to improve the comfort of one’s plane seat without upgrading their ticket to business or first class, there are a slew of travel hacks that can help you have a smoother and comfier ride – starting with investing in a neck pillow.

If you’re new to the neck pillow game, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed with how many choices there are in the airport gift shop (or even in Amazon’s best-seller list). And if you’re already a well-established member of the neck pillow community, you might be tempted to upgrade your average, lumpy pillow to the popular Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow. Well, we have good news for you: It just went on sale!

In honor of Memorial Day, the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow is on sale for 15 percent off, bringing its $ 60 price tag down to $ 51. The sale just kicked off and will run through May 30, so it’s best to act fast before the discount expires or you forget to check out while you’re enjoying holiday festivities this weekend.

So, what makes the Go Neck Pillow so great? Unlike its U-shaped counterparts, the travel pillow has a 360-degree ergonomic design that slightly resembles a neck brace (wait and hear us out) with its wrap-around sides. This helps it deliver top-tier support by cocooning your neck into body-contouring memory foam to provide cushioning wherever it is needed, while also maintaining proper spinal posture to prevent neck and back pain.

The pillow’s adjustable Velcro closure allows it to be customized to fit your neck and suit your comfort level. For additional comfort, it’s made from a plush-like cotton material that’s equal parts soft and breathable, ensuring that you stay cool and relaxed – no matter how long your flight or train ride is. The exterior is also machine washable and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Since it’s made with travelers in mind, the Ostrichpillow pick comes with a convenient carrying bag (to keep it safe and clean) and is designed to compress down to 60 percent of its 9.8-inch by 6.7-inch by 2.7-inch frame to eliminate bulk from your luggage load. It can also conveniently wrap around the handle of your suitcase for seamless transportation.

The Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow has been dubbed one of the best neck pillows by hundreds of travelers on the brand’s site, and it even gets a stamp of approval from Travel + Leisure senior commerce writer and strategist Rebecca Carhart, who brings it along on every trip. “I never fly without this Ostrich travel pillow, and it’s so comfortable that I’ve even started bringing it with me on train rides and road trips,” she wrote in a guide to her favorite clever travel essentials. She shared that it even helps her catch Zs “without waking up in pain,” which many shoppers also confirm in their reviews. Carhart also highlighted that she is a fan of its customizable design: “I love that it has two different heights, unlike most travel pillows which are the same size all around.”

According to reviewers, it’s also a great neck pillow for “head bobbers.” One wrote, “I can sleep for hours. No sore neck at all.” Another chimed in to share, “I can say, for me, this is much better than any other pillow I’ve used.” Vouching for its comfort, a third shopper exclaimed, “I slept like a baby during my last flight to LA”

Like Carhart, customers have started using their Go Neck Pillows to make car and train rides more comfortable. But the consensus still remains that the pillows perform best on long plane rides. One reviewer noted that it made them feel “super comfortable” during a flight from Barcelona and Singapore, and another shopper that wore it during a flight from London to Boston was happy to report that they “spent, like, six hours sleeping” and ” could not be happier “with the pillow’s performance.

Curious to see if the Go Neck Pillow is worth the hype? Try it out for your next trip and get one at Ostrichpillow while it’s 15 percent off for Memorial Day weekend.


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