The repertoire of the Center for the Arts and Culture validated by Cap Excellence

It was one of those artists who resisted and invested in the Center of Arts and Culture, to raise awareness of the chantier. Vendredi July 8, in Communal Consulting (Cap Excellence), a dilemma at this price.

At the end of a day’s work, the Pointe-à-Pitre Center for the Arts in the center of the whole of the attentions. This or that one, Guadeloupe artists enter resistance, choose the chance to intervene for public opinion and politics. Ilsant demand reprise des travux.

After the last communications council, on July 8, the Capital of Excellence, in charge of this dossier, validated the new project of the Center of the Arts and the Culture of Guadeloupe.

The novel was presented, due to the delibation process, a space of diffusion, creation, formation, but also a space of life and travel, multifunctional.

A reprise of travail at two times or at the end of the chant.

In a first time, the first step, applause phase A devarit permettre “the most beautiful and the most beautiful of the batims, the extravagant construction of the building, the hall of the hall, the realization of the great spectacle of the spectacle, plus the annexes of the locaux“, Explain Francesca Faithfull, enlue en charge de la culture à Cap Excellence.

This is the first phase of the Center for the Arts to run but a few norms of the definition. This phase is worth more than 9 million euros. This is a large concert, with the public and the artists, who always promised to bring a solution to the chantier capital, for the cultural world of Guadeloupe.

Nous sommes à une étape où nous tenons compte de tout ce qui se dit. Not only do we have to comply with this, but now we also have to engage with a programmer (who considers the convenience of a construction project or amnesty from the coats, the social and international contracts, the utility of it) ), who nous a accompagné, who encountered the artists to save their souls. We have to make a return and we are now in a phase with which we see the artists.

Francesca Faithfull, enlue en charge de la culture à Cap Excellence

Francesca Faithfull, enlue en charge de la culture à Cap excellence

Puis, la phase B, comprendra la realization de “The space restauration, the commercial space, the registration studio, a small sale of 120 places assists and 300 debout places, the bureaux, an exhibition gallery, atelier d’artistes“.

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