The Sunbum Anti-frizz Oil Mist Is a Travel Writer Favorite

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Frizz-free hair is always the goal, whether I’m at home or traveling. And no matter how many hydrating shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and smoothing leave-in products I use, there never seems to be any sleek, shiny strands looking back at me in the mirror. I used to think that my frizzy, unmanageable hair was just the price I’d have to pay for living in humid New York City. But much to my surprise, my stubborn flyaways and dryness only got worse when I moved to arid Los Angeles.

Making the switch to intensely hydrating products definitely improved the look and feel of my hair, but it was not until I tried the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist that I was actually able to disarm my wavy hair’s frizz for good.

The drugstore brand’s take on a multi-purpose leave-in features a blend of nourishing oils that simultaneously shield your hair from frizz-inducing agents and up its defense against the sun’s UV rays. At the center is hydrating kukui nut oil, taming tamanu oil, and vitamin-rich sea kelp, which promotes the overall health and strength of your hair. Together, they quench dryness, seal damaged hair cuticles, and encourage smoother, softer, and more manageable tresses.

It’s designed to be used on both damp and dry hair, and the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist’s lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the strands to keep flyaways at bay and reveal a healthy sheen. According to the brand, it’s suitable for all hair types, textures, and thickness levels. I’ve found that applying it to damp hair yields the best results for my strands, but was also pleasantly surprised to see that it squashed any signs of frizz when I air dried my hair. It also did not leave any greasiness or residue behind, which is something that I have always experienced with other frizz-fighting leave-in styling products with steeper price tags.

Speaking of air drying, the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist’s protective hold is what allowed me to get away with not needing to use a hairdryer on a recent weekend trip. Just a few spritzes of the oil mist and my hair was ready to go, even when last-minute plans left me with only 15 minutes to get ready after washing my hair. This, combined with its beach-inspired coconut scent and small 3-fluid ounce bottle make it a travel must-have for me.

The smoothing and conditioning formula has also earned a seal of approval from Amazon shoppers for its effectiveness and affordability. “This stuff is worth it,” one reviewer wrote. They continued, “It makes my hair so nice and shiny without weighing it down and yet I still have a nice natural feel.”

Another customer raved, “This stuff is amazing! You need this in your life!” They added that they brought the mist oil along on a Hawaiian vacation and it did not disappoint. “Those Pacific waves could not stop [my] hair from looking perfectly beach wavy with some shine that brought out my highlights. My hair never once got tangled. “Similarly, the reviewer also shared,” I never even used my flat iron while I was there. You will be the queen of the beach with this stuff. ”

A third buyer was happy to report that it works as an excellent detangler for “long, thick hair that tangles every two seconds.” They also noted that “a good squirt of this miracle product” will make your hair “easy enough to brush through.” Their review was followed by another Amazon shopper who chimed in to add that “I can not imagine going through a summer without this product… I can actually wear my hair down on humid days.”


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