This LS-Swapped A80 Supra Is A Real Drift Missile

When it comes to engine swapping, more often than not fellow enthusiasts end up excited for the builders achieving marvels of engineering. However, some consider it sacrilege when switching out components across brands and domestic markets.

For instance, an RB-swapped Ford Mustang or LS-Swapped Mazda RX-7 are the two main swaps that come to mind when wondering the quickest way to upset brand purists.

So when these people hear about the LS-Swapped Toyota Supra that automotive YouTuber, ThatDudeinBlue recently reviewed, we can only imagine it’s quickly going to become the most divisive Supra, ever. Especially when you hear the builder ditched the iconic 2JZ-GTE in order to make way for the Chevrolet LS3 V8.

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The Most Offensive Supra — According To This YouTuber

Joining David Patterson (AKA TDIB) at the Alabama karting circuit turned drift track, Midpond, he joins Michael Elsea — also known as the builder of the “most hated Supra.”

At first glance, other than its body kit and purple candy paint, it looks like a fairly ordinary Supra. That is until Mike cranks the engine and reveals the hearty growl of his LS3 V8 engine out of a C6 Chevrolet Corvette.

A self-proclaimed idiot, Michael understands the flak he’s sure to catch. However, for the semi-pro drifter, an LS engine just makes sense. He also understands his Supra might be the worst import in the country, but he certainly makes a case for it being the best drift missile in ‘Bama.

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It Still Makes For Some Sweet Drifting

It also happens to be the most pro-level car TDIB has ever driven. Paired with the narrow roads of Midpond, TDIB quickly realized he was going to need all his drifting talent in order not to wrap the Supra around the handful of trees in between corners.

Shocking everyone, especially Michael, TDIB manages to understand the nuances of an LS-swapped Toyota Supra relatively quickly — translating into some badass inertia drifts.

With Michael riding shotgun through three sessions, TDIB transforms from student to master after Michael admits it was “frustrating” to see how easily TDIB warmed up to the V8-powered Toyota Supra.

The best part of all? It’s brand new candy paint left without a single scratch on it — mission accomplished.

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