Time-Travel Rephotography, the app that uses artificial intelligence to color the skin and give effects to photographs of a century

Black and white photos from the beginning of the past century can be modernized thanks to the techniques they use intelligentia artificial para darles coloración y permitir que sepamos cómo se veían en realidad los personajes en ellas.

How does it work?

Time-Travel Rephotography is a tool that elimina el ruido in photography, suaviza el rostro del personaje, pone la natural skin coloration and sharpens the lines of the face.

To function in this way, Time-Travel Rephotography begins with the use of artificial intelligence and a data base that contains images and references of photos captured by modern digital cameras, which serve to make corrections in old photographs.

The tool searches inside the data base for a “modern” photo in which there is characteristics similar a la imagen que se quiere colorear. Once selected and studied the characteristics of the original subject in white and black with the new one, the image can receive coloration and changes.

This technique was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Washington, UC Berkeley and Google Researchaccording to the site Gizmondo.

The Time-Travel Rephotography process can also determine how the limitations of an old camera degraded the image to lack of sharpness and contrast and exposure problems.

Time Traveler

According to the site of the tool, the result is a new photo free of defects that seems to have been taken with a modern DSLR and a lens for high-quality photos, even though the subject has died a century ago.

The results of the new coloring technique often appear incredibly realistic and help to humanize people who have become mythical figures over the decades.

Time-Travel Rephotography is not the only tool that has caused controversy and that is related to photos. Herramientas como DeepNostalgia de MyHeritage, which creates videos of your ancestors, or Wombo, an app that allows you to create deep fakes en minutos con tus personajes favoritos también explotan el uso de la inteligencia artificial.

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