Trainman introduces Trip Assurance feature for guaranteed flight tickets when train tickets are unconfirmed

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Traveling gets annoyed when we book our tickets and get on the waiting list, and then anxiously wait to get the tickets confirmed, before the chart gets prepared. Unfortunately, many have faced the situation when the tickets do not get confirmed, and we have to dissolve our travel plan. But this problem could be resolved as the ticket booking application named Trainman has introduced a new feature which claims to guarantee train ticket confirmation for the passengers.

Trainman introduces Trip Assurance – All you need to know

  • ‘Trip Assurance’ is a new feature of Trainman which ensures that train passengers, with unconfirmed tickets, will be able to complete their journey guaranteed.
  • The Trip Assurance service has been designed to provide the passengers of IRCTC to have a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Trainman claims that its train prediction model is w94 percent accurate to convert wait-listed tickets.
  • Anyone who books their train tickets through the application could check their ticket status from the app and when the ticket doesn’t get confirmed, Trainman will display a prediction meter to know the chances of the ticket getting confirmed or not.

What if the tickets are not confirmed?

  • Trainman has committed to arranging free flight tickets for the passengers, whose tickets help the travelers to complete their journey.
  • If the tickets do not confirm post reservation and before the chart preparation, the Trip Assurance feature will enable the passengers to discover and book last-minute alternate travel options.

How does the Prediction meter work?

  • In case if the passenger prediction meter indicates 90 percent or above, then Trainman will charge Re 1 as a Trip Assurance fee.
  • If the percentage is below 90 percent, a nominal fee will be charged by Trainman, depending on the ticket class.
  • Most of all, the Trip Assurance fee will be refunded to the customers if the train ticket will get confirmed before the chart gets prepared. But if the tickets do not get confirmed, then the application will provide a free flight ticket to the passenger to complete the travel plan accordingly.

What trains does the new Trip Assurance feature support?

Trip Assurance service currently supports all the IRCTC Rajdhani trains and there are around 130 other trains which are applicable for redeeming the feature.

But if the ticket is still not confirmed, then Trainman will provide a free flight ticket to the passenger. However, the ‘Trip Assurance’ facility will only apply to the cities that have an airport.

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