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WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) – Over the weekend, thousands of canceled flights left passengers stranded and the delays are expected to continue.

Travel agents said when taking a trip, insurance is your new best friend, protecting you against any unforeseen issues or cancellations.

“If you have weather issues, if you have flight issues, even if you have COVID issues, the insurance that we sell covers those,” said Ann Hunger, Owner of Travel Leaders in Wausau.

The insurance can cover anything from flights to hotels. Though it may cost more up front, travel experts said it’s worth having a team ready to get you on a flight or in a room because when it comes to hiccups, it is not an if but a when.

“When you do get delayed, have a plan in place. Travel insurance is so important nowadays. If you’ve never bought it in the past even for domestic travel, it’s highly recommended now that you do it,” said Christi Olson, Owner of Hey Hey Vacay Travel Consultants in Wausau.

When you’re booking your flight, expect to pay much more, up to 40 percent.

“Air fares are high. Crew shortages are an issue and that is probably driving the price up too because the airlines have less flights that they’re operating and they still need to make their money,” Hunger said.

In addition to prices, complications are also on the rise. Experts recommend taking extra time to review your trip when preparing to leave.

“Please be kind, be understanding. Pack your patience in your suitcase and expect that there’s going to be delays and plan for that,” Olson said.

Agents also said the day before and day of your trip you should consistently check your flight’s status online so you know the second something changes.


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