Travel Workout Gear to Keep Your Routine Up On The Road


As summer gets in full swing, calendars tend to fill up with travel plans, from road trips to weekend beach getaways to overseas adventures. Regardless of what type of trip is in store for you, vacationing is one of the highlights of the season. But as exciting as it is to explore a new place with friends and family, traveling is not without its downsides. Above all, it can be totally disruptive to your typical routine. Between time differences, limited packing space, and overly-scheduled itineraries, a fun vacation can quickly become tiring and disorienting.

One way to maintain a sense of structure on a trip is to stick to your regular fitness regimen. A quick jog here or a YouTube yoga class there can be all it takes to recenter yourself on a busy day. As long as you know what to pack, there’s no reason you need to take a vacation from working out unless you want to. For example, while it may not make sense to add the extra pounds of a set of dumbbells to your suitcase, you can pack wearable ankle weights. And trendy activewear like bike shorts or joggers are both workout-ready and comfortable for long travel days.

We put together a handy packing list of travel-friendly workout gear so you do not have to sacrifice your everyday routine on vacation:

Old Navy

A good pair of bike shorts

Bike shorts, like the Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft Side-Pocket Biker Shorts for Women ($ 27), are a summer travel staple – stylish and practical. They look great paired with an oversized sweatshirt, and you’re ready for a hike or a jog at a moment’s notice.


A packable yoga mat

The Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat ($ 88) is lightweight and folds easily into a compact size that will fit in your carry-on luggage or backpack. When you’re ready to do your daily vinyasa flow, you just need to unfold it to transform your hotel room into a yoga studio.


Wearable weights

Turn walking to your airport gate into a workout with the Bala Bangle Classic 1-Pound Weights ($ 49). These wearable weights wrap around your wrists or ankles to add instant resistance.

Old Navy

A sporty dress

Exercise dresses were all the rage last summer, and the trend isn’t going anywhere this year. The Old Navy PowerSoft Sleeveless Shelf-Bra Support Dress for Women ($ 55) is designed with stretchy, venting fabric to adhere to your active lifestyle, but it’s also cute enough to wear out to lunch in a new city.


A big water bottle

Traveling can be dehydrating. Stay on top of your water intake with the BuildLife 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle ($ 20). It is marked with different times and inspirational messages to signify how much H2O you should be consuming throughout the day.

Old Navy

Multi-functional pants

The Old Navy StretchTech Water-Repellent Convertible Jogger Pants for Men ($ 50) would round out any packing list, regardless of what’s on your itinerary. With the ability to unzip into shorts, they are perfect for a long travel day when you do not know what sort of weather you may encounter.


A set of resistance bands

These resistance bands ($ 11) will not take up too much space in your suitcase. The set of five ranges in resistance from extra light to extra heavy for exercise routines of all different intensities.

Old Navy

A sweat-wicking polo

Combining the polished look of a collared shirt with the performance technology of workout gear, the Old Navy Go-Dry Cool Odor-Control Core Polo for Men ($ 20) has the versatility you want out of your travel wear. Sneak in an impromptu ab workout while you wait for your flight without sacrificing comfort or style.


A muscle massager

The REI Trigger Point Performance Handheld Massage Ball ($ 17) makes it easy to exercise comfortably and safely no matter where you are. Relieve muscle pain on the go by applying pressure to the sore areas of your body.


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