Ugandan Priest Cautions Parents from Comparing Their Kids to Others: “It Makes Them Weak”

  • A pastor discouraged parents from drawing comparisons and conclusions between their children and other children
  • Festo Kalungi reckoned children are different in many ways and comparing them only makes them weak
  • The reverend from Uganda rather urged parents to encourage their children to be and do better like the others

Every parent wants the best for their children and the best children that they can always be proud of.

Ugandan pastor Festo Kalungi.
Ugandan priest Festo Kalungi discourages parents from comparing. Photo: Festo Kalungi.
Source: Facebook

However, every child is unique and different in their making and parents should learn to embrace and appreciate their diversity.

A pastor has therefore warned parents from comparing their children with other children.

Effect of comparing kids

Festo Kalungi of Uganda shared it was one of the most mistakes parents make as children are born different.

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“Comparing our children to others is a great mistake. This makes children weak because we are created in so many ways,” he told NTV Uganda.

The man of God gave them an alternative saying they can only encourage their children to do and be better.

Bad habits passed to children

He pointed out another mistake most parents make knowingly or unknowingly was gossiping in front of their children.

He explained that such negativity can easily be passed down to their little ones and have an adverse effect on them in the future.

“Another mistake that we make as parents is one of backbiting others in front of our children. These habits carry on to our children and sometimes inflict badly upon them. It’s better to keep them away from the negativity,” he shared.

Necessary and unnecessary punishment

The reverend also discouraged parents from correcting their children when they are angry with them.

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He advised them to first maintain a cool mind before administering the right punishment to avoid making it personal and crushing their souls.

“Giving unnecessary punishment based on the crime of the child. Do not punish a child in anger, but first calm down. Punishment should break someone’s heart and not torture,” he voiced out.

Words are powerful

Still, in matters pertaining to family and relationships, a man urged parents in blended families to watch their words.

Godfrey Kuteesa advised a man or woman who could not speak wisely could break relationships between their children and their spouses.

“The words used on the children will either turn them away from one partner or draw them close to the other one,” he insisted.

The mentor added fathers were pivotal in cementing respect between kids and their mothers in such setups.

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