V Rising: How To Fast Travel

Progressing through the world of Vardoran found in V Rising is relatively large and can take some time to traverse. To cut down on this travel time, players will want to know how to fast travel around the game. While you can fast travel, there is a bit of a process that you need to participate in to do so. This guide will explain to players how to fast travel in V Rising.

How To Fast Travel In V Rising

In order to fast travel, you will need to use a structure known as a Vampire Waygate. These structures can be found at certain points in the open world. Just as you can find these structures around the open world, you can also build one at your castle, allowing you to travel back to your HQ after a long trip without having to walk all the way back. To get the blueprint for the Vampire Waygate, you are going to need to defeat the Polora The Feywalker, one of the game’s V Blood Carrier boss fights. To find here, you will need to build the Blood Altar structure and reach level 34. Once this is done, you can track Polora at the Altar. She can be found in the Gleaming Meadows in the Farbane Woods region. Once the boss is defeated, you can build a Vampire Waygate with 200, Blood Essence, 20 Planks, 20 Copper Ingots, and 10 Gem Dust.


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Once you discover two of these Waygates, you will be able to travel between them, with more teleporters being added as they are discovered. To teleport, simply approach the Waygate after two are discovered and you will get the “Press F to Teleport” prompt. Simply interact with the Vampire Waygate and you will be able to teleport.

V Rising is currently available as an Early Access game via Steam.

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