V Rising’s Hidden Fast Travel & Vampire Waypoints, Explained

Stunlock Studios’ open-world vampire-themed survival game V Rising was first revealed about a year ago. Within less than two weeks of its release, the indie prodigy has managed to climb to the very top of Steam charts, claiming its rightful place as one of the best-selling titles. Despite being in early access, the world of Vardoran houses many secrets that continuously pull in players interested in walking a mile in the shoes of newly awakened vampires. As the revenge-driven fledglings carve their own path, they will eventually discover a hidden fast travel system, which does little to offer detailed guidance on its inner workings.

Like other open world games, V Rising features a multifaceted system that allows players to cover a great distance in a short time frame and quickly traverse from one location to another. At its core lie Vampire Waygates, which can be activated upon discovery. Scattered across the map, these points of interest are usually hidden in the far corners of Vardoran’s picturesque regions, taunting players with a promise of a timely escape and a shelter from the deadly rays of sunlight.

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Locating Vampire Waygates should not prove difficult, as their distinct appearance makes them fairly easy to notice. While exploring the overworld, vampire fledglings should look for circular slab-like structures with three stone pillars. Discovering them will automatically mark their spot on the map with a green icon resembling an arched gateway, allowing players to utilize the new fast travel point and providing a safe passage to other Waygates. However, opting for this form of travel comes with one particularly cumbersome disadvantage.

Interacting with a Vampire Waygate in hopes of reaching a faraway destination is not as easy as selecting the preferred itinerary. Only equipment and consumables are allowed, meaning that (unless they are willing to part with resources like animal hide, leather, minerals, and wood) players cannot use Waygates for fast travel. Since the overworld is rather expansive and ripe with dangers, knowing where to build a base and when to cut one’s losses can help tremendously in the long run, even if the game imposes carefully devised drawbacks.

To complicate matters even further, Stunlock Studios has ensured that readily-available Vampire Waygates remain few and far between. As every region houses up to four fast travel points on average, some players might find their prevalence lacking. Fortunately, players can craft personal Waygates once they’ve obtained the relevant blueprint. A visit to the Gleaming Meadows will eventually take the players to the western reaches of Farbane Woods and south of Silverlight Hills, where they will come across Polora the Feywalker, a local boss. With a recommended level of 34, she will yield a blueprint upon defeat.

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Aside from the fact that player-created Vampire Waygates seamlessly connect to all others, their greatest benefit is their limited accessibility, allowing passage to their curators alone. These also require 20 Planks, 20 Copper Ingots, 10 pieces of Gem Dust, and 200 Blood Essences to craft. If having to leave behind precious resources to make the most of Waygates sounds unappealing, V Rising has another secret transportation system up its sleeve.

By and large, Cave Passages in Vardoran are known to offer one-way trips to a predetermined location in another region. Although vampire fledglings cannot choose their desired destination, they get to keep all the gathered resources when utilizing this type of fast travel. Cave entrances that boast such an option provide visual cues in the form of cracked rocks exuding a prominent red glow, whereas gray diamond-shaped indicators mark their whereabouts on the map. The only caveat to using the Cave Passage system is emerging atop a cliff, with no way of returning once the preset journey comes to a close.

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