Virtuoso Travel Week, un auspicioso regreso y mirada optimista al futuro – Eventos

Virtuoso Travel Week returned to the face-to-face format and did it in Las Vegas last August in a busy event that took place at Bellagio Resort & Casino, Aia Resort & Casino and Vdara Hotel & Spa.

09 September 2022

The event brought together colleagues and commercial partners linked to the special world of travel, main protagonists of the recovery of tourism at a global level. The meeting included individual appointments with Globetrotting sessions focused on the group’s communities in areas of adventure travel, family and key areas such as cruises. In their training program, expert presenters were present, enhancing the connections and knowledge that allow access to the best travel experiences in the world. Virtuoso Travel Week assistance is open to all travel agencies, advisors and preferred partners who belong to the Virtuoso network. In our country, Boarding Pass he is a member of the select group of Virtuoso.

An auspicious future for the travel industry is perceived from the annual survey published in the past Virtuoso annual meeting.

“Si bien los viajes se han sentido, veces, inciertos durante 2022, los viajeros de lujo han lederado el camino seguir, incluso frente a las variants de COVID, las restrictions de viaje y los aeropuertos congestionados. The repressed demand of the last years has resulted in an increase in flights and reservations, which has given rise to trends such as frequent trips generating even a crisis in the main airports of the world. Travelers are ready to return and spend in the whole world, which results in an increase in sales, which in some cases exceeds the levels of 2019.” señala el informe.

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Despite the fact that it is currently difficult to find offers and discounts, the future is auspicious with the development of reserves normalized to a global level and forecasts of a 47% increase in sales in 2023, compared to 2019.

El informe destaca entre sus puntos resaltantes que los viajeros de alta gama se mantinten leading las ventas y no ven impedimentos para volver viajar. Also, spending on overseas travel is exceeding previous levels and showing a strong rebound, including in markets where borders have recently been opened. At the global level, Virtuoso in the months of January to July of the present year exceeded 2019 levels by 102% in the same period in high-end travel.

Among the preferred forms at the time of travel, vacations with spouse or partner are mentioned first. Next are the trips with friends and the trips familiar. Los viajes en solitario show un ligero aumento. In terms of ages, the report shows that the largest number pertains to the over 65 age group, which increased from 4% in 2019 to 18% in 2022. On the other hand, the interest in traveling in the age group of 18 34 years decreased from 12% in 2019 to 6% in 2022.

The islands and beaches top the lists of travelers for vacation trips, followed by trips with a wellness component, an ocean cruise and urban stays. 62% will travel to multiple destinations, while 38% will travel to a single destination.


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