Volkswagen will present Gen.Travel, electric autonomous de nivel 5, in Chantilly Arts & Elegance

Volkswagen Group will present the Gen.Travel eléctrico autónomo de nivel 5 at Chantilly Arts & Elegance on September 24

In Chantilly Arts & Elegance, near Paris, the Volkswagen Group will present an innovative design study that will redefine long-distance mobility of the future on September 24. The Innovation Experience Vehicle (IEV) totally electric is a real prototype that drives autonomously (Level 5) and offers a realistic perspective of mobility in the next decade. The modular interior concept of the automobile makes it an alternative of mobility as a flexible and sustainable service for short-haul flights. As a research vehicle, the purpose of Gen.Travel is to test the concept and the new features for the client’s response. According to the results of the study, the individual characteristics can be transferred later to the series vehicles.

With GEN.TRAVEL, the Volkswagen Group has developed an iconic study full of innovation that constitutes a completely new vehicle category in the premium portfolio between sedan and MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Director de Innovación del Grupo Volkswagen, pointed out that “Con su estrategia NEW AUTO, Volkswagen defines la mobilidade para las generations venideras: sostenible y digital. In the Department of Research and Innovation of Volkswagen of the whole group, we are advancing even more in this idea, showing how our clients will be able to experiment with mobility in the future, for example, as a service. With GEN.TRAVEL, ya podemos experimentar hoy lo que será posible en un futuro cercano con tecnología innovatura. Viajes puerta a puerta a un nuevo nivel. Free of emissions and free of stress.”

Likewise, el GEN.TRAVEL conducts itself autonomously and converts the conductor into a relaxed passenger who has time for other things: Work. Relaxation. Entretenimiento Family.

For your part, Klaus Zyciora, Jefe de Diseño del Grupo Volkswagen, explains: “El GEN.TRAVEL nos ofrece un vistazo a los viajes del futuro. Nos muestra cómo será la condigo autónoma en el futuro. El GEN.TRAVEL encarna el diseño visionario del más allá del mañana para la mobilidade del mañana. The efficient form characterizes the extremely distinctive design. So, in an era of technical perfection and virtually unlimited possibilities, ‘la form follows a function’ becomes ‘la form follows a freedom’. El automóvil no solo será mejor, sino también más emociento que nunca”.

In addition, the GEN.TRAVEL has a unique modular interior concept that can be personalized for each trip and reserved as a mobility offer as a service. Depending on the configuration, you can transport up to four people in the conceptual vehicle. For business trips, the conference configuration with four comfortable seats and a large table in the center of the interior provides a relaxed environment. The dynamic illumination creates a pleasant work environment and avoids the danger of kinetosis (motion sickness). Una configuration en la configuration nocturna allows the conversion of two seats into two beds that can be folded up to a completely flat position.

An innovative passenger restraint system guarantees maximum security even in lying position. The lighting system GEN.TRAVEL influences the production of melatonin to help passengers reconcile sleep and wake up naturally. Para viajes en familia, el GEN.TRAVEL con asientos delanteros se puede configurar para entretener a los niños via realidad aumentada (AR). El interior es ligero, con un diseño natural. Todos los elementos HMI (interfaz hombre-máquina) se fabrican con materiales sostenibles, combinados con materiales reciclados o naturales.

The futuristic exterior of the GEN.TRAVEL is divided into two parts: The transparent crystal cabin is perfectly integrated in the lower part, which houses all the technical characteristics. El borde de la ventana está a la altura de la cintura, por lo que es muy bajo para maximizim la vista del exterior. Al miso tiempo, cuando los pasajeros están acostados en el automobile, no experimentan influencias externas. Las puertas batientes del GEN.TRAVEL facilitan una mejor entrada y salida.

For maximum comfort, the GEN.TRAVEL has the active suspension eABC (Active Body Electric Control) that calculates vertical and lateral movements such as acceleration, braking or curves with anticipation, and optimizes driving style and trajectory accordingly. . Artificial intelligence (IA) and the peloton (totally autonomous driving in convoys) are used to increase even more the range of long-distance trips.

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So, que Volkswagen Group will present the Gen.Travel eléctrico autónomo de nivel 5 at Chantilly Arts & Elegance on September 24


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