what they are, how to use them and which ones to buy

Coffee table books, more and more fashionable, they are more than an ornamenta small window that, at a glance, allows your guests to take a look at your tastes and personality.

Therefore, without forgetting that they must harmonize with the environment, it is important to choose the right one, thinking about size, design, color and content.

What are the coffee table books and keys to choose them

These are books created to see and admire. Large format editions with hard, colorful covers, where images are the focus.

They are ideal for decorating tables, shelves and many other spaces in the home, even more intimate, such as the bathroom.

In all cases they should be easy to consult, but at the same time, striking enough to become decorative objects.

We must think of them as in a painting, as a work of art and an object that will add to the environment the personal touch of the owner, revealing his good taste and personal interests.

Thus, travelers must have a title of a city or a certain type of landscape.

Lovers of photography will have at hand countless coffee table books by famous photographers who have traveled the world.

For foodies, recipes are not recommended, but books alluding to food with very good illustrations. For fashionistas the offer is also wide, while the general recommendation is to at least include some books related to art.

Where to accommodate them

The most classic option is to place them on shelves, arranged vertically and horizontally, combined with other objects.

However, the trend is to keep them on the living room table to give another dimension to this furniture and so that they can be browsed by visitors.

Coffee table books bring some color and shape to the space, but also entertainment and visual information to guests, who will no longer see you the same.

5 coffee table books that you will not stop browsing

Andy Warhol: The Impossible Collection

From Campbell’s soup cans to the Marilyn diptych, all the color and dynamism of Pop Art through the eyes of one of its main masters and pioneers: Andy Warhol.

The highlights of his works and his story to the delight of your guests who will not be able to stop flipping through it.

The LEGO Architect

coffee table books

The Lego blocks allow you to take a journey through the history of architecture to learn in a playful way about the different movements that have transformed it, from Art Deco to High-Tech.

Get inspired as it’s your turn to build 12 models in a variety of styles.


coffee table books

She is either loved or hated, but at no time is Supreme’s haggling over the overwhelming presence she has in the fashion world.

And this book written by the brand’s founder, James Jebbia, provides an exhaustive summary of how it became a symbol that has collaborated with the most prominent representatives of the scene, making everyday life on the street, something supreme.

The bucket list: 1000 big & small adventures

coffee table books
Photo: Amazon

Perfect for travel lovers, culture lovers, adventurers and more, as it presents a list of beaches, museums, monuments, islands, inns, restaurants, mountains…, all over the world, continent by continent.

With ideal photographs of all these places, but also with useful information to know them, culinary advice and more.

Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History

coffee table books
Photo: Amazon

A visual guide to the most iconic classic cars of each decade from 1940 to 1980, with more than 1,300 photographs and two prints suitable for framing.

You will have at home, unfortunately not in the garage, the Aston Martin DB5, the Chevrolet Corvette and many more cars.

The virtual tours offer close-up views of iconic models, and the full catalogs show key features with profiles and specifications.

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