What Winter Has Been Up To Before Season 4

Winter Everett has quickly become a Family Chantel fan-favorite cast member. This has left many viewers curious about her life before season 4.

Winter Everett has earned the support of many The Family Chantel viewers, which has led to a higher interest in her life outside of the show. The younger sister of 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Jimeno has been busy with her publicized fitness journey. Chantel’s journey led to Winter sharing new updates with The Family Chantel Fans on social media between filming for seasons.

The Family Chantel season 3 saw Winter dealing with a lot of stress. Though she accepted the second marriage proposal from her long-term boyfriend Jah, the couple broke up off-screen after he brought up the idea of ​​polygamy. Though Winter has clashed with her sister in the past, Chantel supported Winter during her painful split. The breakup led to Chantel, Winter, and their mother, Karen Everett, growing closer as they rallied around a heartbroken Winter. While Winter discussed her breakup from Jah on The Family Chantelher life on social media is far happier and more positive.


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Winter has become very popular among The Family Chantel Fans due to her publicized fitness journey. Winter’s Instagram is flooded with her progress in the gym, as well as inspiring life quotes. Winter even updates her followers on her healthy meal plans that include meat, produce, and modest carbohydrates. She often films her workouts in the gym and shares her cute fitness looks with her followers. Winter also shares more than just her workout and weight loss plans on her social media. She likes to post plenty of quotes about self-love and self-acceptance with her followers as she encourages embracing oneself and living a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Her positivity has earned Winter a lot of praise from her loyal fans.

Winter Everett

Winter might be losing weight to improve her health, but The Family Chantel star also is glowing with confidence online. Her weight loss led Winter to pursue a new career as an online influencer and model, much like her sister Chantel. Winter models for a number of companies that are tailored to plus-sized women. Winter models for Fashion to Figure, a company that fellow 90 Day Fiancé stars such as Tiffany Franco Smith also model for. Winter also enjoys showing off her colorful and bold style, as she made it clear that she prefers to stand out. Winter has also been in spending time with her family and appears to be very close to her mother, Karen.

Winter has been thriving on social media since The Family Chantel season 3. Her journey in the upcoming season will feature her undergoing her gastric sleeve surgery that kicked off her weight loss journey. While weight loss is the focus of Winter’s storyline, she will also open herself up to love after being with Jah for most of her reality TV career. Many The Family Chantel Fans are eager to see Winter try her luck at dating when the new season premieres on TLC on Monday, June 6.

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