Who was Q Lazzarus? ‘Goodbye Horses’ singer reportedly passes away

Famous singer Q Lazzarus reportedly passed away on July 19, 2022. The news was revealed in an obituary shared on Jackson Funeral Home’s website. Her cause of death is still a mystery.

Jackson Funeral Home’s obituary also mentioned that she was working on a feature documentary about her life and music with filmmaker and friend Eva Aridjis. The obituary stated that the documentary is scheduled for release in 2023 alongside an album of songs that made her successful in the industry.

One song can change the world. Q Lazzarus is immortal. https://t.co/DWuJwVdklR

Journey of Q Lazzarus in the music industry

Q Lazzarus’ date of birth is not available at the moment. While a few websites state that she was born in 1960, others claim that she was born in 1965.

It remains unknown how she started her career in the music industry and what she used to do before that.

She was the founder of her band, Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection. She made music during the 80s and also worked as a taxi driver to manage her expenses every month.

Q Lazzarus made music until the 90s and disappeared from the industry (Image via Kule_WI/Twitter)


Luckey also appeared in Demme’s 1993 legal drama film, Philadelphia, performing a cover of the song Heaven by the band Talking Heads. Produced on a budget of $26 million, the movie grossed around $206 million at the box office and featured Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Antonio Banderas, and Joanne Woodward in the lead roles.

Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection disbanded in 1996 and Luckey was nowhere to be seen after that. After several years of speculation, she was found by Dazed in 2019 and stated at the time that she had retired from music and was making her living as a bus driver on Staten Island.


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