WTTC presents ‘Nature Positive Travel & Tourism’

The report, which will help companies understand and manage their impact on biodiversity, is being launched before the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in December, where global governments will finalize actions to transform society’s relationship with la naturaleza, y ofrece una nueva esperanza para la conservación de la naturaleza global.

‘Nature Positive Travel & Tourism’, created jointly with Animondial and with global companies within the sector, has also been supported by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCDB).

Natural tourism represents 20% of trips

Travel and tourism companies are in a unique position to take positive measures and, through solutions based on nature and decarbonization, achieve Net Zero.

Given that nature tourism represents 20% of travel, the report shows how crucial nature is to destinations around the world.

Julia Simpson, president and executive director of WTTC, points out: “Human activity has resulted in a devastating loss of natural habitat and biodiversity, with one in every four species in danger of extinction”. “Travel & Tourism is in a unique position to mark a real difference. 80% of travel and tourism largely depend on nature, so it is crucial that we assume a proactive role in the advancement of nature conservation”.


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