York family in Acomb in bid to find missing tortoise

A distraught York woman has put out a desperate appeal to try and locate her pet tortoise who has been in the family for more than half a century and is at large somewhere in the city.

Trevor the tortoise – a much-loved family member of the Cambridge family in Acomb has now been missing since mid-July and his current owner Judy Cambridge, of Dane Avenue in Acomb, wants the public to get in touch if they know where he is as the winter is fast approaching – the time when tortoises normally hibernate.

Judy Cambridge, of Dane Avenue in Acomb, with Trevor’s empty hutch

Trevor has been in the family for more than 50 years and belongs to Mrs Cambridge’s son, Phil who inherited Trevor from when his uncle Graham died. Recently he’s been living with Judy after Phil moved house and although he has gone missing before he’s usually hibernated and reappeared. He’s never gone missing during the Summer.

Between them, Phil and Judy have been looking after Trevor for nearly 30 years and they are worried that this time someone might have him.

She said: “A very lively character – known for his love of salad and a particular penchant for strawberries.

“He has been known to go wandering, he previously made it as far as a couple of streets away before being recovered by kindly neighbors – and he was even returned by the RSPCA at one time.”

Trevor the tortoise is a known wanderer

Recalling the day she last saw Trevor, Mrs Cambridge said that, after returning home one afternoon she went to check his hutch as normal, only to find he had once again performed his Houdini act and disappeared.

However this time he has not been found and despite a door to door inquiry and a leafleting of the local houses – there has been no sign of him.

Trevor’s plight was brought to the attention of The Press by York Elvis impersonator Eddie Vee, the self-styled ‘Yorkshire Elvis’who said: “The family is most upset at the continuing loss of a long-standing family member.

“It is particularly worrying that he’s still missing at this time of year as he will be due to be placed in hibernation in a few weeks and anybody not knowing how to look after a tortoise could leave him in a distressing situation.”

York Elvis impersonator Eddie Vee

Phil said: “To be honest we just want him back, so if you have seen him, or know where he is, please get in touch.”

Anyone with any information should contact Phil Cambridge on 07990502520, who has offered a reward should he be found.

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